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Portland is blessed with wonderful micro-downtowns all over our city. They should get the city support they deserve as business and cultural hubs for our neighborhoods. Multnomah Village, Hillsdale, St. Johns, Hollywood, Sellwood, Woodstock, and many more have Neighborhood Main Streets and it’s time we support their success.

  • Dedicate district teams for maintenance, activation, and cleanliness centered on the variety of “main streets” across the city. Expand PEMO directive into the district model for solutions and ownership across all city functions.
  • Support any main street district that wants to expand the enhanced service model
  • Ensure contractor labor follows peace labor agreements but and ensure main street and PEMO programs move rapidly and maintain flexibility.
  • Expand decorative street-tree and over roadway lighting projects wherever possible and welcomed by districts.
  • Adopt public plaza cleaning standards to incentivize social positive uses.