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We have too many people living on streets and in parks. Ending unsanctioned camping as quickly as possible is a must for Portland. But to do that, we need to implement a ‘Shelter Now’ policy. We can do that by opening more Temporary Alternative Shelter Sites (TASS). They have proven to work, providing shelter for hundreds of homeless people. Now it’s time to build it up.

As we’re providing more shelters, the City should maximize affordable and supported unit developments, and work with Multnomah County to create permanent supportive housing for those struggling to rent or obtain a home. We drastically need more housing to meet the needs of many across socioeconomic lines.

  • End unsanctioned camping
  • Enforceable Time, Place, Manner ordinance
  • Open more TASS (Temporary Alternative Shelter Sites) as soon as possible
  • Expand the Pod Shelter program wherever possible
  • Eventually move to ban RV camping/parking on Portland neighborhood streets. Dedicate a TASS for RVs.
  • Insist the Joint Office implement a by name list and reform the case worker model