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Our housing shortage contributes to Portlanders struggling to keep up with rising costs of living. It will take a host of options to build out of this shortage and achieve an affordable Portland. We need to create the opportunity for generational wealth by expanding housing ownership models for mid-to-low income purchasers.

I am supportive of expediting permitting and inspections programs for affordable developments to reduce development timelines, and eliminating aspirational design commission elements that are not related to fire-life-seismic safety for affordable housing developments.

  • Maximize units, minimize aspirational requirements.
  • Deliver a streamlined (90 days or less) permit process for all permanently affordable housing developments above 50 units & eliminate aspirational design and code requirements that exceed the basic fire-life-seismic safety needs. 
  • “Permit upon review” program for any credible developer with a 5-year history of successful Portland projects and the assignment of a permitting/inspection liaison; for projects over 100 units. After first review, credible developers can obtain an expedited permit noting the review findings.
  • Streamline the affordable funding “buckets” to minimize the sprawling targets and allow developments to maximize units and minimize time. Create a consolidated affordable funding package for application. Align city and state requirements for affordable units.
  • Reform the Design Commission and limit the scope and delay imposed by design review.
  • Improve the Residential In-Fill project to be achievable, understandable, and navigable by everyday people and not just the developer industry.
  • Double all height limits in the central city core and enable neighborly density, protect/preserve natural areas by increasing density in urban areas. 
  • Establish an SDC grant program over 5 years for market and affordable, non-luxury, ownership model developments.
  • Expand property tax abatement for 10 years across all neighborhoods for new developments selling to 125% MFI buyers (ownership model).