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Public safety encompasses a wide range of aspects affecting people’s daily lives: drug addiction, emergency response times, property crime, gun violence, police brutality, and more. Therefore, our response to ensuring Portland is safer will require Portland needs every first responder and public safety entity rowing in the same direction. From Park Rangers, Portland Street Response, Portland Fire & Rescue, ambulances, and Portland Police we need to enable them to work smartly, effectively, and timely. We need to hire more police officers and expand our patrol and detective numbers.

We also need to ensure we’re varying our responses to emergencies that do not require cops. I would like to see our Neighborhood Response Teams expand and be directly connected to the Neighbrohood Main Streets program to better serve Portland. Community Service Officers and park rangers should also receive additional training and support to extend our first responder network for non-emergency needs.

  • Confiscation of drugs every time a citation is issued under M110.
  • Expand the Neighborhood Response Teams and directly connect them to the Neighborhood Main Streets program.
  • Expand patrol and investigation units & consider a short-term reduction in other support roles until full staffing is achieved.
  • Expand Portland Police Bureau to 1000 sworn officers.
  • Full implementation of the body word camera program.
  • Allow Portland Street Response (PSR) to transport patients, particularly to Sobering Centers and Psychiatric Emergency Care
  • Expand the Focused Intervention Team.
  • Fund innovative gun buy-back programs.
  • Re-introduce the police cadet and reserve officer programs.
  • Demand the District Attorney prosecute property and livability crimes. 
  • Reform the Community Service Officer and Park Ranger programs to integrate, operate as, and extend the first responder network for non-emergency needs.