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Portland can be a hub of transportation options and accessibility innovations. I want to see the integration of safe, sensical, and standardized transportation options in Portland. In places that make sense, we must standardize bike and auto lanes to create safer experiences for drivers and riders, including protected bike lanes. We also need to keep our streets maintained, and can do that by guaranteeing the Street Sweeping program is properly funded every cycle.

  • Invest in curb “Protected Bike Lanes” wherever feasible. Reduce the reliance on reflectors as protectors.
  • Standardize bike lanes and auto lanes as widely as possible across the city to create safer and more standardized experience for riders and drivers.
  • Invest in a “Yellow Curb” program for protective curbs and other lane dividing curbs.
  • Guarantee the Street Sweeping program as a core service every budget cycle.
  • Invest in scooter use education program to reduce sidewalk collisions and encourage bike lane use.
  • Apply District representation and feedback in transportation project.